Want a Stress-FREE Buying Process? Decide What You REALLY Want in Your Home.


Home buyers who take the time to think about what they really want in a home are more satisfied overall with the process and the home they choose to buy!

It’s easy to get sidetracked into falling for a home that doesn’t fit the criteria you had when you started the buying process. Usually, when you deter from thing things you really want in a home, you can end up with that “This doesn’t feel right” feeling. That’s not a good!

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The home buying process should be a positive experience. In order to make sure you are buying the home that is right for you there are key items that you must make your “deal-breakers.” Meaning, if they home doesn’t have them, you move on to the next! It makes the process that much easier and you can rest assure you are on track to buy the home that’s right for you.

Here’s a list of deal-breakers to consider:

1. The Price Of The Home

You can’t shop for homes until you know your budget. Once you have your budget set, look for homes that fit. Searching for homes in a specific price range will narrow your search results for you and will also help guide you in choosing an appropriate location.

2. The Condition of the Home

Do you want a home that needs some updating – this is a great opportunity to re-do things to your taste. Or, do you prefer a home that is move-in ready and is not in need of any imperative updates.

3. The Number Of Bedrooms

Knowing how large or small of a home you need will help you find a home which best fits your needs. A good way to assess how much home you’ll need is to ask yourself how many bedrooms you would like for your home to have? This question is especially important for homebuyers who have children, or are planning to have children.

4. The Number of Bathrooms

Buyers must also consider how many bathrooms are needed. Will one bathroom per bedroom meet your needs? Would you like for your home to have a bathroom for your guests? You should also think about what features you want included in your bathrooms in terms of sinks, bathtubs, stand-alone shower, etc.

5. The Kitchen

When you consider a home’s kitchen, look for up-to-date appliances including the dishwasher, stove, oven, and refrigerator. If the appliances in the kitchen don’t suit your needs, make room in your budget to update them.

6. The Home’s Location

You may know that you’re moving to a certain city, or certain part of town, but every street is different. The location of your home is important. Consider what you would like within walking distance from your home, and what you do not mind taking public transportation or driving to.

7. The Type Of Home

Just as the size and location of your home is important, so is the “type” of home you buy. Do you want a two story-home with stairs or do you prefer a home with one floor. Do you want a basement? It’s up to you!

8. The Back Yard, The Front Yard

When you’re buying a home, it’s important to consider its outdoor spaces, too. Do you want a yard for a garden and ample room for children. Do you want a pool? Also, consider the layout and how it appeals to you.

9. Parking

If a house has no driveway or garage, is there ample space to park on the street? Will there be enough street parking for guests during a party or get-together?  Households with multiple cars or sports equipment may need a garage for storage space.

Charles Rutenberg Realty’s FREE guidebook provides you with an overview of the process of buying a home. You will also find helpful tips for making the entire process as stress free as possible.



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