How Not to Stress Out at Work After Labor Day.


You know the feeling. Taking a vacation or a long weekend off and then returning to work!

BAM! You have 200+ emails and 15 voicemails to catch up with. What this may be called is “overwhelming” – unless you truly enjoy listening to all those voicemails and weeding through alot of email. Don’t let returning to work after a long weekend take its toll on you!

There are ways to get back to work, remain calm and sort through everything in a timely manner. Hint…start with a really deep breath or 10!

Here’s 4 easy ways to keep your stress levels low and get back into the swing of things:

  • Exercise!¬† Going to the gym or pilates class, taking a 5 mile run, or simply walking for a half hour will make you feel a lot better. Your physical well-being flows back into your emotional well-being and helps you to work better and focus more.
  • A To Do List. Make a to do list. Write down all the things or open projects you need to complete for the week. This will keep you organized and on track to getting everything done amidst the emails and calls you will be tending to upon return.
  • Check Your Calendar for the Month. Chances are when you get back to work you may not remember what appointments you may have scheduled for the week or the rest of the month. Take a glance at your calendar so you can prioritize your day, allowing time to complete a task you started without having to rush through it to get it done prior to that next appointment.
  • Pick Up the Phone. Be sure to call any prospects or clients that you have in the pipeline. After a long weekend it’s a smart idea to check back in to keep the ball rolling.

If you take the time to break things down into easy to do tasks, getting back into the swing of work will become an easy thing for you to do.

Joe Moshe
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Joe Moshe

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Joe Moshe
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