Joe Moshe’s 3 Success Tips for New Agents!


Dear New Agents,

I would like to share a few simple tips with you that will help you move forward on your journey to success.

When it comes to your career in Real Estate, there’s so many things to think about. The 3 tips below are some of the most important things you can do to create the life you want.

LIVE by these three principles every day and you will see your sales volume rise!

  1. Think of yourself as a consultant NOT a sales person. Develop resources to be able to answer all questions involving real estate that a client may have. You can do this by connecting with colleagues that provide these services. If you don’t have the answers make sure you know where to get them.  It is better to check first and answer later.
  2. Be sincere. When helping your buyers and sellers with this major transaction, show your true care and concern. The choices they make will affect their future, children, friends, and lifestyle.  Remember your Fiduciary obligations to your clients and be fair, honest and sincere with your customers.  This may be a business transaction but it is very personal.  Show you understand.
  3. Be professional. When it comes to dealing with other Realtors and the public, maintain professionalism! Document all your activities and keep your paperwork accurate.

Warm Regards,
Joe Moshe

Licensed Real Estate Broker
Charles Rutenberg Realty of Long Island


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Joe Moshe

Joe Moshe is the Broker/Owner of Charles Rutenberg Realty Long Island, offering 100% commission to Agents. With over 1000 agents, it's one of the fastest growing, most progressive real estate brokerages on Long Island.
Joe Moshe
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