Things That Should NOT Be Overlooked When Having an Open House


If you are selling your home, then an open house is on the horizon!

Open houses are a great way to get the word out about your home to potential  buyers. Buyers like open houses because they able to check out a home they’re interested in at their own leisure. It allows them to take a good look around and decide if they want come back for a second look…which is always a good thing!

There is an art to an open house. So try and avoid not preparing for one. Here are 8 simple and cost-effective ways to get for an open houses. Believe it or not, these easy tips will lead to a faster sale!

  1. Clutter! De-clutter your home. Buyers want to envision themselves in the home, and it’s easier without clutter. Don’t forget your closets too! Closet space is important to most buyers so show it off!
  2. Chipped Paint & Broken Things. It may seems like alot of work right now, but by simply adding adding a fresh coat of paint your home will shine. And, if it’s squeaky, fix it. This gives buyers more reason to focus on the positive aspects of your home.
  3. Access to Your Home. Give your Realtor ample access to your house. Allow open houses, and let brokers show the property after work and on weekends. It increases the chances your home gets sold.
  4. Your neighbors & friends. Include them too! Tell your neighbors, friends and family when you’re having an open house. These people may have friends and family who want to buy.  After all, buyers are out right now!
  5. The Mail. If your Realtor is doing a mailing, give him or her possible contacts as well that you know. This forms a targeted way to reach people and not leave it up to chance they will find out.
  6. Don’t Stay Home. Don’t be home for your open houses. Buyers are not honest in front of sellers, and often makes them uncomfortable.
  7. Get a cleaning service. Buyers will notice right away if your home is dirty. Especially in bathrooms where prospective buyers often turn on faucets and use toilets. They move the shower curtain, so make sure it’s clean. Don’t forget to make sure there’s soap & towels too.
  8. The Senses. Smell & Sound! Add simple, nice touches. Flowers, a bowl with lemons or pears. Soft music. Open windows, air it out. Fresh air doesn’t cost anything, but works wonders!

Visit for upcoming open houses, be sure to check back often!

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