Why Do We Gain Weight? And What to Do About It?


Fat can have a deleterious impact on health and body composition.

So why do we put on weight? Its from an inadequate diet, one comprised, for the most part, of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. These unhealthy fats, which include the saturated, trans and dietary cholesterol types, are the primary contributors to disease and excess weight gain.

But what is often overlooked are what’s considered the “healthy” fats. These healthy fats fight disease, promote good health and establish ideal body composition (an important aspect of building a well proportioned, healthy looking physique).

Therefore if one wants a good-looking physique along with excellent health, they would be advised to replace their bad fat intake with more of the beneficial types. Obtaining sufficient fat in its healthy form is one of the keys to good health and well being, not to mention a great body.

Here’s the good fats you should be using over the bad fats:

  • Snack on peanuts instead of potato chips or candy. Peanuts are high in monounsaturated fats and provide a good energy source without all the trans and saturated fats that are contained in typical snack foods. Stick to half a cup per serving.
  • Use olive oil in salad dressings and in marinades. Olive oil, the most nutritionally beneficial of the monounsaturated fats, is the ideal replacement for the commonly used polyunsaturated vegetable oil.
  • Use avocado to replace high calorie, saturated fat containing cheese and meats along with a cold-water fish source such as salmon, when making sandwiches. In doing this you are exchanging bad fats for good fats.
  • Use nuts and seeds, rather than chocolate and candy pieces when baking or as a topping for various deserts.
  • Use fatty fish in place of red meat or chicken for at least three meals per week.
  • Have eggs for breakfast. Eggs are an inexpensive and easy source of protein. One whole egg contains 5 grams of fat, but only 1.5 grams are saturated.  And while there’s a lot of buzz about the cholesterol in eggs, research has linked moderate egg consumption to improved heart health.
  • Try Nut Butters. Nut butters are another source of healthy fats—try almond or cashew butter if you’re feeling adventurous. All of these butters boost protein and fiber intake. Choose all-natural nut butters with as few ingredients as possible.



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