5 Things Sellers Forget to Mention to Buyers!


If you’re selling your home this summer, chances are you’re wondering what will make your home stand out from the rest of the homes for sale in your neighborhood. Besides price, there are features that your home may have that you wouldn’t think of including as a selling point but should!

As the landscape of first-time and/or relocating buyers continues to evolve, so do their preferences in what they want in home. Here’s 5 things that today’s buyers want that you may not think to mention: 

  1. Storage. Storage is a big motivator for many first-time home buyers. So, if your home has extra closets, pantries or other built-in storage amenities, make sure your agent boasts about that in your home’s marketing materials. 
  2. Organizing systems. If you’ve made the investment in upgrading your home with customized or built-in closets, kitchen or garage organizer systems, desks or bookshelves make sure buyers see and know this from your home’s online listing. From the first-timer having a clutter-free existence to buyers who are moving up into a family home and want each family member’s space to have order, built-in organizers can represent value and appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers.
  3. Proximity. Some buyers simply might not know to search for your zip code, or might not be aware that your hidden gem of a neighborhood also happens to be tucked within a half mile of a subway station, entrances to 3 freeways and 2 regional parks. Buyers might be looking at all homes in their price range, but the fact that yours is walking distance to a major employer or university could push yours to the top of the list. Make sure your agent showcases the face that your home is particularly well-located by major employers, universities, recreational amenities or walkable shopping and dining districts.
  4. Senior-friendly features. Boomers are looking for homes they could live in for the rest of their lives without necessarily being located in senior-only communities. That means homes with level-in entrances, single story layouts and low-maintenance landscaping have a massive new audience attracted to these features. These extended families often are looking for homes with a very well-appointed ‘mother-daughter units or a second master suite located on the home’s ground floor. If your home has multiple bedrooms with bathrooms en suite or completely independent living quarters, marketing these features to extended families is a must.
  5. Energy. First time buyers are on a budget and can be attracted to the budget-friendliness of energy-efficient features of the less extreme sort. So, if your home is a pretty no-frills property but has a tankless water heater, dual-paned windows and new insulation, mention it! If you’ve managed to get your energy bills down way below what’s normal in your area, this could be a selling point you don’t want to overlook.

Most importantly, speak to your agent about this blog post and make sure these important amenities are being used in the marketing and advertising of your home.

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Joe Moshe

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