Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?


We have all asked ourselves at some point…“Do I really need a Realtor?”

It’s an important question. Many people think that not using a real estate agent will save them money,  but keep in mind that it is unlikely that both the buyer and seller will reap the benefits of not having to pay commissions. 

There’s a lot of money involved and every penny counts.  Important decisions need to be made along the way that could cost you money if you don’t make the right choices.

If your head starts spinning as soon as it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dive into the house search, you may be thinking about hiring a real estate agent. Here are some things to consider.

Why you might need an agent

Paperwork: Do you like spending your spare time filling out paperwork and sifting through piles of documents? We didn’t think so. A home purchase involves a ton of paperwork. A real estate agent is familiar with the process involved in filling out all of the necessary documents, so it will be helpful to have someone guide you through each step.

Details: If this is your first time purchasing a home, you may also need assistance with tasks such as choosing an inspector and figuring out who should cover costs for things like home repairs.

Connections: Unless you already have good connections, a seasoned real estate agent can make the process smoother by connecting you with professionals who can further assist you with your home purchase, such as a trusted home inspector or a mortgage broker.

Negotiations: Your real estate agent can act as the middle man (or woman) when it comes to negotiating. Sometimes sellers can be difficult to deal with, so having a third party involved can make communication a little smoother. You’ll also be more likely to snag a discount through your agent.

Finding the best agent

Make sure the real estate agent is licensed by the state. Not all real estate professionals are created equally. There are approximately 2.3 million licensed real estate professionals, but only members of the National Association of Realtors can call themselves Realtors. This association of about 750,000 brokers and agents provides a Code of Ethics to standardize professional behavior, and it offers advanced educational opportunities to its members.

We also recommend speaking with at least three agents before making a final decision.

A final word

Educate yourself: Whether you decide to use the services of a real estate agent, make sure to educate yourself about the home buying process. It always benefits you to get some basic knowledge on your own – such as knowing what to expect before, during, and after your purchase. You can learn more by reading books, doing some research online  and attending a first-time homebuyer’s course. Get involved in the process. At the end of the day, you know the best house for you, so make sure you take an active role.

If you are looking to hire a real estate agent, we can help! Charles Rutenberg Realty has over 1,000 licensed real estate professionals, who speak over 30 languages, located in the metro NY area.

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