A Pre-Listing Inspection Gives Sellers the Advantage


One commonly overlooked, but cost-effective way to get the best price or even more money for your home is a pre-listing home inspection.

Typically, the buyer gets the home inspection when purchasing your home. So as a seller, why would you want to get a pre-inspection?

One of the biggest advantages a pre-listing inspection is the ability for you to pinpoint key issues or major repairs before the house goes on the market.

Leaving the inspection up to a buyer’s inspector can decrease your asking price, or kill a deal entirely. By knowing the potential issues or repairs your home needs ahead of time, you can choose to fix them or leave them to the buyer to address. If you choose the latter, you can secure quotes from reputable contractors for the repairs so that buyers will know the cost to fix the issue.

You are one step-ahead of the buyer – which shows you are justified in your asking price.

Usually, when a buyer sees something that "needs work" they tend to overestimate the cost. Which doesn't help the sale! With a pre-listing inspection, buyers will know up-front what work the house needs and they won't have to guess how much it will cost. The pre-listing inspection has done it for them. 

Pre-listing inspections create trust. 

Doing all of this ahead of time creates transparency within the transaction which leads to more trust. That in itself can push sale prices higher.

Pre-listing inspections provide a great return on investment.

The average pre-listing inspection costs less than 1 percent  of a home’s overall value yet it can help push home prices higher than they would otherwise go.

If you are thinking about getting a pre-listing inspection. Talk with your Realtor – they will guide you every step of the way.

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Joe Moshe

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