Ready to Move? Here’s the Must-Have Items for Packing.


Let’s face it…moving is NOT fun. There’s an expression, “You’ll know who your real friends are when you ask the to help you move.”

As the saying goes, you may be luck and have a few friends that are willing to lend a helping hand or it may just be you and one other person. Either way you can get the job done. By tackling one room at a time and having the right moving supplies on hand, you’ll be done packing in no-time.

We’ve put together a list of supplies you’ll want to have handy before you start packing. Trust us, they will make your move that much easier, everything is right there where you need it!

You can expect to spend around $100 or more on what’s needed to move the belongings of a couple or a small family. Here’s a list of what to have on hand.

  • Regular boxes. If you’re moving good stuff―you should use good boxes. If you have used boxes and they’re in decent shape, go ahead and use those. Whether you choose old or new boxes, make sure you have a variety of sizes to accommodate the different items you need to move. You can always go down to yiur local supermarket to see if they have any extra boxes in the back.
  • Tape and tape guns. Brown packing tape, not surprisingly, is ideal. Never use masking tape or duct tape―they don’t stick well to cardboard. A couple of heavy-duty tape guns―one for you, one for your spouse or a friend―make taping and cutting a lot quicker.
  • Packing paper. It’s recyclable! This is a professional mover’s secret weapon. Packing paper is the most economical and versatile material for protecting nearly everything you’re moving. Use it for wrapping fragile items, and crumple it up for padding. Many moving-supply companies sell specialized packing accessories―almost everything can be packed with simple packing paper.
  • Bubble wrap. It is expensive compared with packing paper but comes in handy to protect artwork framed behind glass and extremely fragile china and glassware, which should be wrapped in bubble wrap and then in packing paper.
  • Box cutters. They will help make unpacking a breeze.
  • Permanent markers. Get thick ones to mark your boxes for easy identification. Label boxes on the sides, not the tops, which may be covered by other boxes.
  • Mattress bags and furniture pads. Bags usually go for $3 to $6 and rent the pads for about $10 per dozen. Both are available from the leading truck-rental companies.
  • Dollies and hand carts. If you’re moving yourself, use wheels to move heavy loads. Dollies and hand carts can be rented for about $10 a day wherever you get your truck. You can also buy furniture slides there. These go beneath the feet of heavy items, such as a couch, allowing you to easily slide them across the floor without damaging it.

If moving seems like such a daunting task and you are pressed for time, consider hiring a moving company. If you have the extra money to do it, it’s well worth it!

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Joe Moshe

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