What to Do When Moving with Pets


Pets are an important part of the family.

Just over half of all households own a pet, according to estimates from the American Veterinary Medical Association. Most buyers on the verge of a move seriously consider how it will affect their children, but few think of their pets.

Animals are prone to stress too and a sudden change in environment can have a significant impact on them. Here’s a few tips on how to make the move as “stress-free” as possible for your pet…and you:

  • Make sure your pet is micro-chipped and is wearing proper identification like collars and tags.
  • Keep your pet’s documentation with you and in a safe place. This includes current vaccination records as well as documentation on tattoo numbers, microchip numbers, spay/neuter certificate and phone number for your current vet.
  • Keep your pet properly secured while the movers are packing/transporting items. Regardless of how well-adjusted they may be, your pet may get “spooked” by all the noise and activity.
  • Keep your pet with you at all times, in a secure kennel or crate; or place them in a room that’s “off-limits” (make sure you tell everyone, especially the movers); or have a trusted family member or friend watch your pet off-site while you manage the moving crew.
  • Pack a bag for your pet. Include bedding, towels, toys, treats, food & water, bowls, leashes or harnesses, kennel or crate, plus any medications your pet requires.
  • Take your pet with you in the car, if at all possible. Your pet will be safer and more comfortable with you than being transported by strangers.
  • Get your pet accustomed to car travel. Take short trips at first, then gradually increase the time.
  • A travel kennel, crate, or doggie seat-belt is a good idea to help keep your pets safe.
  • Once you know your new address, remember to get updated tags as soon
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