Stop Running Your Business with Outdated Training: NEW 8-Week Training Program



8 Session Training Class by Debra Asher, Procalibre Associates

To Increase Your Income Now You Must Stop Running Your Business with Training from 30 Years Ago!  Ask Yourself:

  • Where you taught to make prospecting “calls” asking –“Are you thinking of selling now or in the near future?”
  • When asked by the home seller abruptly -“How much do you charge?” Is your response-“We will get to that later”?
  • Pricing-When discussing Pricing are you depending only on your CMA?
  • Where you taught to ask the home sellers “How much are do you think your home is worth” before you show your CMA?
  • When speaking on the phone with a buyer for the first time are you asking these irrelevant questions:  “How many bedrooms are you looking for? How many bathrooms? Are you pre-qualified or pre-approved?
  • How about marketing? Does any of your mailings include the words “Thinking of Selling” or “If you know someone who is looking to buyer a home-call me”!!!

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The 8 Week* Re-tooling Your Real Estate Business in the Recovering Recession Investment is less than a tank a gas a week!!

It Starts with 8 Weekly Sessions 2.5 hours Each
It Begins Thursday, Feb.7th – Every Thursday until March 28th 9:30am-12:00pm
$350 ($45.00 a week) incudes manual and additional handouts.
Don’t miss the opportunity!

Location: Plainview Office Suite 403
Start Date: Thursday, Feb. 7th 9:30am
*Can’t make a workshop? A make-up will be arranged.

What So Different About this Training Program?

Learn the Strategies of Preventing Concerns: Why Overcome Objections and Cause Confrontation with the Sellers?
The Seller Home Consultation- You will Learn to Empower the Home Sellers by bringing a NEW Listing Presentation to Table. You will move from the Real Estate Consulting position to being hired as their Project Manager.

Pricing-The CMA is not enough: Add at least 7-8 additional items of evidence to your “Pricing Folder”

Personal Marketing: Become “The Everything Real Estate Professional” Learn the “Points of Difference” to Change the consumers thinking that all Real Estate Agents are the same.

The Buyer Consultation: 75% of agent’s time is wasted by working with the wrong people at the wrong time. This is compounded by Real Estate Agents working people the same. No wonder why buyers go out with other agents. They see and hear NO DIFFERENCE! Evidence your value to the buyer with a Professional Consultation.

For Sale By Owners: The average FSBO hears from the same agents only 1-2 times-then stops. However that FSBO ends up listing with another Realtor. The Strategy of Helping The For Sale By Owner to Helplessness! This will Increase Your Conversion Ratio.

The Failed Sale: (Expired Listing) Applying the Customer Service training techniques allows you to have a “Real Conversation” with the upset and disappointed home owner. And then providing them with the “Package of Information” of the steps that should have lead them to a Successful Sale.

Time Management or Event Control and Changing the Way You Think to Change Your Results are 2 additional workshops. That are not Real Estate related but are Life Style related. Bring balance and less Stress into your life.

To Register Contact Debra Directly: 516-902-7849 or

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