6 Ways to Market a Unique Listing & Why You Must Be Different


According to Webster’s Dictionary “unique” means…

“Something or someone is unlike anything or anyone else; very special or unusual”

Being unique is a good thing!  However, when it comes to listing a unique home, your marketing strategy must be just as unique too. The best part is that you can get really get creative, so let’s get started!

Unique property buyers are different from other buyers. They buy with more emotion and  focus on the “facts” later . Be sure to advertise the things that a unique property buyer will relate to. Here’s a few ways to market and advertise your next unique home:

  • Get Descriptive: Describe the property “emotionally” so that a buyer can feel the “history” of the property, or how it is to live on the property, etc.
  • Find Your Niche: There are communities or groups of people who are passionate about the unique aspect of the listing. Find them online and get involved with their discussion groups or email them. Use Google searches to find these groups.  For example: Flower Club if your home has a huge garden. 
  • Use the Web Post your listing on all real estate websites you can. Hire a company to create a compelling virtual tour with music and creative camera work.
  • Event. Create an event at the house to draw agents who might have connections with buyers. Charity events, networking, etc.
  • Going once, Going Twice…SOLD. Put the listing on the auction block. It may not sell, but you can follow up with these leads and use your own networking skills.  
  • Explain the Price: Because it’s unique, explain everything in detail. Hire an appraiser that is accustomed to working with unique homes so they can be as thorough as possible with specifics, including construction costs, land values, and information that makes the listing unique..

Capitalize on the things that make the property especially unusual. Once you find those special features, they will help sell the house.

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Joe Moshe

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