Why You Need to Know the Top Concerns For Today’s Buyers


You not only a Realtor! In today’s market you’re also a real estate consultant.

How do you actually “consult” your buyer? Well, the first step is to find out what they are looking for by asking questions. Get to the bottom of things so you can help! What each individual buyer wants in the next home can vary greatly. And it’s up to the Realtor to find their buyers the home that best matches their criteria.

And if the criteria changes? No problem. You will already know because you’re are always asking questions and making sure they are looking at the homes that best suit their needs.

According to “Characteristics of Home Buyers,” an analysis of the 2011 American Housing Survey by the National Association of Home Builders, here are the top concerns buyers have:

  • Price is the most frequently cited reasons for selecting a home among first-time buyers
  • Proximity to work was the most frequently cited reason for choosing a specific neighborhood
  • Design of the home is the primary reason for selecting a particular house for trade-up buyers
  • There’s a growing interest in single-story homes and energy-efficient homes

Click here for access to the full report!

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