New Ideas to Enjoy the Holidays & Not Go Broke!


The holidays are here! It’s the time of the year when everyone takes a time-out to get together and take a break from everyday life.

It’s a great time of the year, as long as we keep them in perspective. To enjoy the holidays fully and to not get stressed out over them, which is easier said than done. You don’t need to spend lots of money to have fun during the holidays. There are plenty of cost-effective options to consider that will bring a little bit more joy into the season.

Here’s a few ways to make the holidays count more with spending less.

  1. Kris Kringle Gift Exchange. Gift giving goes hand in hand with the holiday season. If you have a large family or group of friends who like to exchange gifts, consider doing a Kris Kringle exchange. Set a reasonable price limit that allows everyone involved to get a gift without the obligation to spend more.
  2. See Holiday Lights. Take a trip into different areas of your neighborhood or city to find some nice displays. As a family you can judge, for fun of course, the best house or best neighborhood. You can make it more festive by bringing some hot chocolate and your favorite snack.
  3. Make Your Own Ornament. Instead of spending that money, make one for yourself. If you’re crafty this can be a nice way to create something nice without spending as much money. If you have children, involve them in the fun as most little kids love making crafts.
  4. See a Play. Instead of watching the movie this year, go see a stage production of one of the movies. Many local communities and schools will often put on productions of holiday classics at this time of year for a reasonable price. This can be a great way to enjoy something you love in a new way.
  5. Host a Cookie Bake. Parties and get-togethers can get expensive for one family to host. Invited over friends and family and bake cookies. Have each person bring a recipe and decide on a few to make that day. 
  6. Give Your Time. Spreading holiday cheer at assisted living facilities, homeless shelters and retirement homes is a wonderful way to serve others who might be in need or a little lonely during the holidays. Give this year by taking some time out to serve others.
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Joe Moshe

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