No Photos, No Buyers! Photo Tricks to Capture More Online Buyers.


If you want your listings to get more online buyers to view your listings, consider better photos. One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is good photography.

If the photos of your listings are not taken in the best possible light, online buyers will move on to the next listing. Here’s 6 simple tips that will help you take great photos that sell:

  1. Love at first sight. Researches have stated that 95% of people view the first photo-the one that shows the exterior of the home for more than 20 seconds. Choose the exterior photo wisely, it’s the hook that will get buyers to look at the rest of the photos.
  2. What are the strong points of the home? Secondary exterior shots, especially, should be of a home’s very strongest point. It could be a deck, patio, garden, landscaping or a pool!
  3. More is better. Buyers want to see more than just the front of the house. Buyers also want to get a look at the living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, master bedroom/bathroom and the backyard.
  4. Time of day matters. “Early in the morning or at twilight are the best for exterior shots.  The best time is before the sunset to half an hour after. Take the exterior shot with all the interior lights turned on.
  5. Do you see the light? Open all of the windows to let in bright clean light. Use as much natural light as you can. If a room is a bit darker, use a flash.
  6. Be a straight shooter. The number one mistake that is that the vertical shots are not completely vertical, so it looks like the room is going to fall in. Make sure you take your photos straight on, especially with a wide-angle lens.

Keep in mind, that the first place to start is PRICE! Make sure your listings are priced right with great photos!

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Joe Moshe

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