How Many Real Estate Tradeshows & Events Should You Attend?


Let’s face it, there’s A LOT of networking involved in real estate. It’s crucial for the success of your business.

And there’s tons of networking events to go to. Between local events, national conferences, regional conventions – the list goes on.  So, what is the best strategy to get a return on your investment of time and money.

All of these events can quickly fill up a real estate your calendar, so it’s important to decide which are worth your time, and let the other ones slide. Think carefully about what’s valuable to you, and figure out which events you’ll get the most out of. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your time.

Industry Events

Although industry events such as conferences and conventions are great for networking and they’re also ideal for education. Ask yourself what part of your business needs the most attention. What area do you want to devote more time to in the coming year?

Maybe you’d like to amp up your online marketing or become more mobile savvy. If you’re looking for new ways to market and grow your business, conferences and conventions are invaluable. Any event that advances your knowledge of the industry or amps up your efficiency is worth your time and money.

Company Events

Don’t forget your company events. Attending the dinners, award programs, company meetings is the way to network amongst your co-workers. Get to know your co-agents so you can all list and sell together. Or, even give and get a referral from each other.

Community Events

Community events are more for networking than education. Chamber meetings, civic club events, and even church socials are all ways to meet potential clients. There’s a lot, so decide which ones are the most important.

Start with what captures your interest. What’s your passion? Your hobby? A local Habitat for Humanity group could be a great fit or volunteer at the hospital. Even running for a seat on your homeowners association board will get you exposed to potential clients.

Any local event is potentially worth your if it gets your name out to the community, or if it offers the opportunity to meet potential clients. Make sure the events you are attending do just that!





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Joe Moshe

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