Where to Network on Long Island & Why You Should Network Every Week.


Social media, a website, print ads, banner ads, email marketing contact management….and the list goes on!

All of these are ways to succesfully grow your business. However, one of the most important ways that you SHOULD NEVER FORGET to do for your business is….NETWORKING!

If you want to continue to grow your business or if you’re just starting out….ask yourself….”How much do I REALLY network?”

Truth be told, you should be attending a networking event at least once a week, even twice a week if you have the time!

Here’s why you want to make networking one of the top priorities for your business:

  1. Access to the TOP people in real estate. Chances are, the people you are meeting at netowrking events are serious about growing their business. These are the people you want to connect with, they have the same goals in mind and will work with you.
  2. Referrals. Refferals are a key part of your business. People at networking events are happy to refer business to the indivualdial that will best serve the client, even if it’s not them. Be part of this team and everyone wins referrals and more business.
  3. Contacts. Having the right contacts at the right time can mean all the difference in the world when securing your next client and closing the deal. The more reliable contacts you have. the better you can service your clients.
  4. Advice. Advice is priceless. People will even pay for it! When you network you will find people who have overcome the same problems you may have. They will be able to point you in the right direction for success.  With this assistance, you will find yourself achieving so much more than you were before.

If you are looking for a few networking groups, here is a great resource from Newsday that gives you the various events on Long Island:

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Joe Moshe

Joe Moshe is the Broker/Owner of Charles Rutenberg Realty Long Island, offering 100% commission to Agents. With over 1000 agents, it's one of the fastest growing, most progressive real estate brokerages on Long Island.
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