Why You Should Sell Your Home During the Winter & Not Wait for Spring

Spring brings nice weather, everyone is in a good mood and more buyers are out…perfect conditions to sell, right? Think again! After reading this blog post you may want to re-consider and put your home on the market this winter.
Here’s why…
According to a Redfin study, homes listed from March 22, 2011 through March 21, 2013, and found that homes listed in winter have a 9 percentage point greater likelihood of selling, sell a week faster, and sell for 1.2 percentage points more relative to list price than homes listed in any other season.
Buyers who are shopping for a home during the winter months are more serious about buying. Think about it….cold weather, snow, ice….it’s not optimal weather to buy a home. So, those buyers who shop for a home during the winter season are the most serious, often looking to move because they need to, not because they want to. There are plenty of people who need to buy a home in the winter, whether it’s because of a job relocation or major family change, like a new baby. These buyers want to get into a home quickly, and are sometimes willing to pay top dollar. This can put the seller in an advantageous position if they are flexible with the timing.
If you’re ready to list your home for sale this winter here’s a few tips to help:
  • Get in to the festive spirit. Dress you home up a bit and make it shine. Burn candles or put out some holiday treats.
  • Clean the windows. Make sure there are not streaks from the rainy season.
  • Keep walkways and your driveway clean and clear away the snow so it’s easy for buyers to get it
If you’re ready to sell or have a few more questions about selling your home this winter contact Charles Rutenberg Realty – we have real estate experts that can help you.
Email us at info@crrli.net or call us at 516-575-7500.
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Joe Moshe

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