Long Island Outdoor Music Events & Why They are Healthy


The 4th of July is this Friday and officially kicks-off the summer season.

After one of the harshest winters we’ve had on Long Island, be sure to get out and enjoy all of what Long Island has to offer. Don’t let this summer come and go without going to a live concert! Listening to live music is a great way to spend time on a weekend or weeknight and to enjoy your community. No matter where you live on Long Island, there’s a band playing somewhere almost any night of the week.

For a complete list of outdoor music events on Long Island this summer visit:

There’s health benefits of music too! Here’s a few more reasons why you should attend a live music event this summer:

  • Lowers Stress. A doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg reveals that listening to music every day lowers stress. The thesis was based on the results of two studies, which showed that people who listened to music also felt positive emotions.
  • Heart Health. University of Maryland Medical Center researchers have found a link between listening to music and heart health. The researchers found that listening to joyful music is linked with dilation of blood vessels’ inner lining, meaning more flow of blood through the blood vessels. Specifically, the diameter of blood vessels grew by 26 percent when a person listened to happy music.
  • Soothes Pain. Researchers from University of Utah Pain Research Center showed that listening to music is effective as a distraction for anxiety-prone people from feeling pain, and as a result, could help people feel less pain.¬†
  • It’s FUN. Last but not least, listening to music and going to live music events is fun. It can bring joy to your entire family.


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